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List of what we have available now. Please comment on what you are looking for .

Medical masks-3-Ply, ATSM Level 2 (FDA/CE Approved)

  Gmedical masks

Surgical Mask-3-Ply, ATSM Level 3 (FDA Approved)

  surgical masks

3M N95 Respirator, Model: 9132 (NIOSH Approved)


KN95 Mask 5 layer total (3 layer meltblown cloth) FFP 2 (FDA/CE Approved)

  Girl in a jacket

Isolation Gowns, Full Body, AAMI Level 4, Sterile (FDA/CE Approved)

  full body iso gowns

Face Shields, Anti-fog forehead sponge attachment already assembled or self assembly optional (FDA/CE Approved)

  Gface shields

Goggle/Eye Protection Model: EP01, Anti-fog, ANSI Z87.1 Standard (FDA/CE Approved)


Covid-19 Test Kit (DNA and Blood) Includes nasopharyngeal swab, viral transport medium, and blood sample fifteen minute test (lateral flow method) (CE Approved)

  covid test kit

Ventilators Model: VG 70 CE (German TUV Certification)


Latex free/powder free gloves


Quantities subject to change; stock constantly varies, inquiry required

100,000 minimum orders

NO individual sales.